Power Plus Kit - Ayuvedic medicine for stamina for men after #45

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Power Plus Kit for Better Stamina after age 45

A special formulation of premium quality herbal products to improve the stamina and performance at the age of 45 and above.

Are you above 45 and experiencing lowered libido, reduced sexual strength and body weakness in general? Not to worry, but not to leave these problems considering them as age factors. Zeoveda has come up with Power Plus Kit to resolve general health as well as sexual problems faced by men above 45. Made of 100% herbal extracts, this wonderful ayurvedic formulation will certainly resolve all middle-aged woes without causing any side effects.

Note: Power Plus kit can be used safely by persons suffering from B.P. The product is 100% herbal without any side effects.    

Benefits of Sexual Medicine for 45 above men

  • Helps in curing the problem of early discharge
  • Increases blood flow to the penis and resolves the problem of erectile dysfunction
  • Strengthens penis muscles with regular usage
  • Cures the problem of nightfall and early discharge in men
  • Increases testosterone level which helps in enhancing sexual performance
  • Controls the aging process and acts as a body toner
  • Increases libido and enhances sexual stamina
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Tested and approved by the ministry of Ayush (Govt. of India)

Ingredients used in Power Plus Kit

AshwagandhaAkarkaraKaunch Beej, Shatavari, Bala, Giloy, Kuth, Jatamansi, Badi Kantakari, Vidarikand, Til Tail Murchit, Nagarmotha, Mashaparni, Mudgaparni, Manjith, Vach, Jiwanti, Shalmali, Nirgundi, Mulethi, Safed MusliShilajit, Gokhru, Kokilaksha, Javitri, AmlaBrahmi, Garlic, Kali Musli, Lahsun, Guggul, Sunth, Kali Mirch, Pipli etc.

Kit includes

Musali Plus 60 Caps

Power Caps 60 Caps

Power Massage Oil 25 ML

Book your kit now for Enhances Male Stamina

Book this kit today and don’t let your progressing age dampen your sexual pleasure. Enjoy that rock hard erection with this amazing formulation and take your sex life to the all new heights of satisfaction! Start taking it from today as per the dosage recommended by your physician. Based on the ancient studies of Ayurveda, this treatment will start showing its positive effects right from the first day.

How to use  Power Plus Kit (Dosage)

Take 2 capsules of Zeoveda Power Caps after breakfast and 2 capsules of Zeoveda Musali Plus after dinner with warm milk only. Apply 5-7 drops of Zeoveda Power Massage Oil on the back part of the penis.  

It is suggested to take this medicine regularly for 90 days to get better results. Results may differ from person to person.

Note: Still have any query about power plus kit, don't worry, we are here, talk to our Ayurveda experts at +91-9115523300.

This is an Ayurvedic product